Video & Creative Services
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Our Mission

As a full service creative agency, ITF Media operates closely with its’ clients to deliver bespoke solutions. Through the use of our vast expertise and dedicated team of professionals, we use a novel and unique approach to deliver our service. In doing so, we exceed clients’ expectations through our innovative approach giving a fresh perspective to build on existing ideas. This enables our clients to differentiate between the competition, and most importantly add value to their brand.

Experts in Corporate Video Production

With over twenty years experience in the broadcast and corporate environment, ITF Media is constantly in the process of building new initiatives. Above all we value our people and feel they are the core reason our company can achieve a professional level of service across all visual communications. We believe our attention to detail with adequate forward planning are the key reasons for our success. We offer solutions from inception through to final delivery and have access to some of the best freelancers/suppliers within the industry. Our wide- ranging services include live events, broadcast, corporate profiling, training, documentary, commercial and online web. We strive to offer the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for all our projects. We always ensure we understand our clients' requirements and ask them to be involved at every stage of production, ensuring a smooth and seamless process and a perfect end result.